Premeditated Murder or Drowning?

Minister Robert Muhammad, Grand Rapids, Michigan

On September 6th, 2014 Minister Robert Muhammad from The Nation of islam was found dead in Lake Muskegon, Michigan under 28 feet of water, after going on a boat ride with 8 Caucasian co-workers the day defore his birthday.

According to the reports, on September 5th Minister Robert’s began swimming back to shore, got within 5 feet of the boat, and simply went under water. The police called his death a drowning but looking at the graphic photo it is clear he suffered some trauma, that appears to be bruises and open wounds to the face. “Nothing floats in the middle of the water. It is either going to sink or it is going to be on top of the water, but no object that’s not alive is going to be floating in the middle of the water.” Said Atty. Muhammad. You can also see Minister Robert’s right hand is frozen in a tight fist, which seems to me like a form of struggle.

                   PREMEDITATED MURDER

  Not one of the eight Caucasians was investigated on the day of the incident. Not one investigator could explain Minister Robert’s injuries to the face. No photographs or forensic testing was done on the boat and the local office of the justice department  found nothing unusual with the investigation.

“We intend to get to to the truth of what happened to our brother.” Said the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan at the funeral prayer service known as the Janazah.


                         Justice or Else

We want justice for Minister Robert Muhammad and for Sister Yreva Muhammad and her 8 children to know the truth of what happened. We also want the U.S. Justice Department  to open a full and  complete inquiry into the questionable investigation of Minister Robert Muhammad’s death.


Minister Robert Muhammad was born September 6, 1974. Minister Robert went on to join the Air Force,  was honorably discharged, and married his wife, Sister Yreva Muhammad in January of 2000. They had 8 beautiful children, 4 boys and 4 girls.
In addition to being a family man Minister Robert was an active member of the community in and around Grand Rapids, Michigan. He served as a Minister in the Nation of Islam and maintained a close working relationship with the Christian community through Life Quest Ministries.

  If you believe a thorough investigation should be conducted into the mysterious death of Minister Robert Muhammad please click the link and and spread this news to family and friends so we can have justice now. ( click to sign the petition now )

Sister Shay Muhammad

20 thoughts on “Premeditated Murder or Drowning?”

  1. White people can’t b trusted, no need for an investigation, my first mind telling me his 8 white co-workers murdered him, the F.O.I should carry out our duty.


  2. I’ve Google photos of drowning victims and they dont look beaten like Bro. Robert does in this picture. His face has bruising and blood on it. If he just drowned he would look bloated but not beaten with defensive wounds. It was well known that Bro. Robert was a Minister in The Nation of Islam at his job. His co-workers were drinking alcohol from the pictures we saw. They all need to be investigated asap.

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  3. Handle business, no need for an investigation it is extremely obvious he was murdered by his coworkers..The Holy Qu’ran teaches Eye for an Eye, Tooth for a Tooth…….


    1. The Nation of Islam has hired its own team of independent investigators and forensic specialists. I don’t understand why there wasn’t a thorough investigation to begin with. Either extreme negligence or a cover up seems to be at play.


      1. It’s a cover up , sad but true. He looks as if he were beaten. I hope justice will be done . My prayers are for the Family to get closure. I am keeping them in prayer.


  4. I am a white male. To go as far as saying white people can’t be trusted is ridiculous. I do not care what color skin you are. I look at the individual and how he treats others. I do not know this man, but from I read he seemed well known in his community and well respected. But there is clear trauma to the face. If he drowned there would be bloating. Not blood. This Minister was murdered in cold blood by 8 sorry individuals who should pay for their sickening choices.


  5. He was obviously beaten and singled out purposefully. I’m getting KKK vibes from that group. I send my love to his family in this disturbing time. We need Mason and Mullins from the first 48 on this case. This is murder.


  6. Clearly he was attacked by some kind of land creatures who took him on this journey to torture him. Sorry he put his trust in the wrong people.


  7. Ain’t no way in the world I would hang with 8 white boys and I’m the only black person. Glad I grew up in Gary, Indiana. Gary, Indiana gave me the survival tactics I have today of never trusting anyone! Especially white people.


  8. The only way to deal with this is to do the same to the people and their family who was on that boat. Wake up people . That is the only way to stop it. Easy and do it secretly in the dark just like they like it.


  9. How dare you crackers state that you are offended because the truth of you and your people are being expressed to the world Black people. What’s so damn offensive it is true you crackers are psychopaths period you have a fetish for blood


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